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About Gut Health

What is Gut Health

Scientists have known for decades that what we eat can change the balance of microbes in our digestive tracts. 

Gut microbes have also been shown to influence diet and behavior as well as anxiety, depression, hypertension and a variety of other conditions. 

Get Gusty with Leanne

I sell a Gut Health program which has helped eliminate or control most of the above health conditions and 98% of my clients are consistently loosing up to 10 kgs on the 30 day program, some staying on up to 3 months to reach their Goal Weight. There are different Steps for Gut Health only or Gut Health & Weightloss.


$286.00 Aud 

Gutsy takes the best of what works in terms of gut health, weightloss and general well-being, wraps it all up in a neat little package, slaps on a cute bow, and delivers you the gift of health!

You get me as your daily Mentor!

Love ya Guts Leanne


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