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What is Gut Health


Scientists have known for decades that what we eat can change the balance of microbes in our digestive tracts. 

Gut microbes have also been shown to influence diet and behavior as well as anxiety, depression, hypertension and a variety of other conditions. 

If you are struggling with allergies, anxiety, weight issues, IBS etc,  Gut Health could be what your body is craving - by learning how to  change your diet to eliminate the above issues you could create a  happier, healthy you, eating real food and maintaining weight at a  healthy level.

Yoga Health and Wellness with Leanne


In the Yoga World we are not all vegetarian or vegans, finding a balance to eating well is important to me.  As I age Gut Health has proven to be an amazing insight into how I feel internally, combined with yoga I have so much more awareness and confidence with my body and mind. 

Health and Wellness with Leanne combines daily mentoring & digestive health concepts. Let's help your mental health, immune system and more! 

On the program you will learn how easy and achievable it is to lose weight and keep it off. 

I'll share with you Gut Health inspired food and Yoga daily.

Since commencing mentoring 2 years ago, I have witnessed hundreds of positive outcomes. I have  helped clients eliminate or control most of the above health conditions and 98% of them are successfully living the better version of themselves, happy and healthy!

Let’s get you happy and healthy too…it is sooo easy, especially with help. 

Leanne' Gut Health and Yoga Mantra


Love your guts means to cherish the inner courage that is within you. It means to be fully engaged in your own journey and ensure that your inner drive becomes accepted by you. To love your gut is to overcome those inner voices which make you afraid of following your passions and become attuned to your own journey.

Quote by Mmaduabuchi Obinelo

Love ya Guts 

Leanne x


Yoga Health and Wellness with Leanne

A lifestyle you won't regret

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"Let me take you on a lifestyle journey to restore your Gut , manage your weight and or general well-being, and deliver you the gift of health and balance through Yoga" 

I am forever grateful for the introduction to Gut Health from my sailing community.