I Invite my students to comment in my attendance register after class

I ask the question "How does Yoga make You Feel?" 

Real testimonials

Thank you for allowing me to guide you through your practice!

  • Class today was so nice Leanne. As you know, I'm a beginner and I found your voice and instruction easy to follow.  I just closed my eyes and let my muscles soften.  I'll be going again!  Thank you - Len (&Erin) SV Maestro
  • Brilliant Clear Instructions ~ Lionel "SV Kiapa"
  • Feeling Grounded ~ Shine "SV Kapai"
  • Best Way to start my Day ~ Jane "SV Sweet Surrender"
  • Magic Magic ~ Pavel "SV Ukulele"
  • Awesome, very relaxing ~ Monica "SV Tanga"
  • Making my body sing ~ Elisabeth "SV Ukulele"
  • So wonderful, thanks alot ~ Iris "SV Andromeda"
  • I wish I could stay longer ~ Paulina "SV Perla Alba"
  • Yoga in Paradise with you, thank you ~ Lisa "SV Lisa Kay"
  • Another great Class ~ Glenda "SV Nero"
  • Great Lesson ~ Ute "SV Odin"
  • I have loved learning from you & will miss Yoga ~ Leanne "SV Just in  Time"
  • Beautiful ~ Robyn "SV Tigerlilly"
  • Beautiful Energy ~ Grace "SV Blue"
  • Amazing, come back ~ Leah "SV Moana"
  • Loved my time at Yoga, proud of my Yogi ~ John "SV Turn the Page"